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With a combined 35 years of experience in document consulting, preparation and submission Consumer Proponents & Associates works with the majority of lenders and servicers. Most companies send your file to a 3rd party. We handle everything ourselves, in-house.

“While there isn’t much we can’t do, we’re very careful about which files we take on. With the guarantee and up-front policy of our work, we don’t make promises we can’t keep.”

Our Services:

  • Modification Document Preparation
  • Settlement Document Preparation
  • Form and Hardship Letters
  • DTI underwriting
  • A to Z Consulting and Assistance
  • Lender Document Submission
  • Our Method

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What We Provide:

Modification Preparation

Settlement Solutions

Hardship Solutions

Underwriting Solutions

Lender Solutions

Consulting Solutions

Just a few of the lenders we’ve worked with.

B of A
wells fargo

We Get You Current with Your Lender.

Get current, stop a foreclosure date and reduce interest rates to as low as 2% Fixed with Nationstar, Ocwen, Bayview, Ditech and Rushmore.

  • Foreclosure Delay Experts
  • Sale Date Removal
  • Foreclosure Postponement
  • Stop Foreclosure

Please note that we will never do any of the following:

  • Guarantee a Loan Modification or Foreclosure Prevention
  • Never charge an upfront fee
  • Ask anyone to transfer or surrender property titles or buy a home below market prices
  • Ask you to pay us rather than your lender/servicer
  • Encourage you to NOT contact your lender, lawyer or counseling service

Request Mortgage Assistance!

Request Mortgage Assistance!

What Our Clients Say About Us

I was denied for help with my mortgage 4 times before I came to Consumer and had them consult with me on what I was doing wrong and how my modification needed to be submitted. They helped me communicate with my lender and stayed with me until it was all done. I lost $5000 working with a lawyer who didn’t do anything except keep my money. Theses are the only people I know of you can trust. —Rosemary Krouse, A Homeowner in FL
Consumer Proponents worked with me the week before the sale date on my home and now I’m current and paying a lower rate and payment than I ever had. —Vickie Warren, Homeowner in PA
…we were two years behind on our mortgage and close to divorce… Bryan and the team and Consumer Proponents saved our family and our home. —Charles Price, Homeowner in MD
Around 92% of debtors are denied for assistance for government and lender sponsored relief programs. Our proven and guaranteed method of molding each file to your lenders specifications allows us to get results where other companies and individuals only see denials.

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Foreclosure & Payment Reduction Assistance

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